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Prytaneion Craft Lodge was consecrated in 1989. It was originally founded very much as a “Blue Light Emergency Services” Lodge, with membership initially restricted to men with connections to such Services. However, in 1990 that restriction was lifted and the Lodge now welcomes application from men from all walks of life.

In 1997, the Lodge felt the time was right to sponsor it's own Royal Arch Chapter so on the 13th October, the Prytaneion Holy Roal Arch Chapter was Consecrated.
Our meetings or Convokations we call them are four times a year, on the second Friday of October (Installation), December, February and April. Many other Chapters meet more frequently than that, but Prytaneion Chapter feels that with four meetings a year it offers its members an attractive balance between their home-life, work-life and Masonic-life.

Prytaneion Chapter holds its meetings at the Kings Court Masonic Centre In Eastleigh, Hampshire UK, and is able to meet in this very nice venue by sharing Kings Court with a number of other Masonic Degrees, all of whom meet on different night. It is a very comfortable building, with a large car park, a licensed bar, a spacious dining room and a wonderful Lodge Room.

Our Convocations normally start at 6pm.

As with all other Chapters, our proceedings are managed by three officers called the Principals, who hold the offices for one year.

The proceedings in the Chapter Room are of a formal ceremonial nature and in Prytaneion, we work a version called 'Aldersgate'. These ceremonies have been handed-down by Masons across the generations and when combined with the three Craft degree form the core elements of Freemasonry. They have a moral and a dramatic dimension and are usually enacted for the purpose of qualifying a new member into and through the various membership degrees of the fraternity.

After the formal portion of the evening is over we retire to the bar and then to the dining room for dinner and speeches (the quality of catering at the Kings Court Centre is absolutely excellent).

Prytaneion Chapter is always keen to hear from prospective new members, either from those new to Freemasonry, or from existing Freemasons who might be keen to join our ranks. So in conclusion, and by way of a checklist to see if Prytaneion is likely to be the Lodge for you:

Meetings on Friday nights at around 6pm to 10 pm - only four times a year.
Rehearsals on Wednesday nights at 7.30pm four times a year.

Participation in an historical ceremonial style meeting followed by a good dinner in good company.
A lodge that takes the ceremonies seriously, but with a light-hearted approach.
A lodge which values charitable giving but which never places undue pressure on its members.
If you wish to learn more about Freemasonry in general, or Prytaneion Chapter in particular, please contact the Chapter Membership Rep - Alan Otton by telephone on 07769808086, or by email on membership@prytaneion.uk - he would be delighted to chat with you about the Chapter and point you in the right direction.
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